@bkbeckman opened this issue on February 8th 2017

I'm building a plugin that integrates with ScheduledReports and I need the ability to pass in parameters.

I noticed there are callbacks for 'ScheduledReports.getReportParameters' and 'ScheduledReports.validateReportParameters'. However, it looks like the front-end does not take the results of a 'ScheduledReports.getReportParameters' into consideration when submitting the form field. Thus, the field is never populated when the user submits the form.

I added a handler with debug statements to each of these events and here are some results:

Piwik\Plugins\MyPlugin\MyPlugin::getScheduledReportParameters :: parameters :: Array ( [emailMe] => [evolutionGraph] => [additionalEmails] => [displayFormat] => 1 [myCustomParameter] => 0 // here is the custom parameter that I added to the array ) Piwik\Plugins\MyPlugin\MyPlugin::validateScheduledReportParameters :: parameters :: Array ( [displayFormat] => 1 [emailMe] => 1 [evolutionGraph] => // custom parameter was not submitted )

And form submission data from Chrome:

idReport:0 description:description idSegment: reportType:email reportFormat:html reports[]:MyCustomReport1 reports[]:MyCustomReport2 parameters[displayFormat]:1 parameters[emailMe]:true parameters[evolutionGraph]:false token_auth:

I believe the problem can be traced to the reportParametersScheduledReports.twig file. As you can see, the parameters to submit are hard-coded in the javascript instead of being pulled dynamically from the $availableParameters variable.

@mattab commented on February 21st 2017

Thanks for the feedback @bkbeckman - we would welcome a pull request implementing this change and allowing you to build your plugin with custom parameters. So hopefully you have a chance to create and submit this PR for our review? :+1:

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