@anonymous-piwik-user opened this issue on January 29th 2010

If a visitor uses Epiphany browser (webkit version) Piwik reports "Safari 531.2" as his browser.

This is a special case. Need to add test cases for Geck and Webkit user agent strings. Keywords: browser, epiphany, visitors

@robocoder commented on January 29th 2010

Tackle this with #1123

@robocoder commented on January 29th 2010

(In [1815]) fixes #1123, fixes #1132 - convert WebKit version numbers to Safari product versions; add Epiphany browser detection; re-organize browser families for consistency

@robocoder commented on January 29th 2010

Piwik doesn't support a browser being in multiple browser (layout engine) types/families, so Epiphany is simply classified as a WebKit browser. This is probably a reasonable assumption by the UserSettings plugin.

This issue was closed on January 29th 2010
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