@tsteur opened this issue on December 16th 2016

It would be good to expose the JSON Piwik uses in the Piwik object. This allows plugins to use Piwik.JSON so they don't have to use hard coded eg JSON2.

This would be great to have in Piwik 3 final release as it makes sure tracker plugins will have a working JSON even when Piwik changes it's JSON usage eg in #11024 to JSON_PIWIK.

It can't break anything so it should be an easy merge

@mattab commented on December 16th 2016

FYI tests fail in https://travis-ci.org/piwik/piwik/jobs/184434598 Would be great to merge this one!

@tsteur commented on December 16th 2016

was already fixed when I added tests

This issue was closed on December 16th 2016
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