@tsteur opened this issue on December 11th 2016

The settings specified in website measurable type should not apply to any other type by default.

@sgiehl commented on December 11th 2016

Guess it's good to merge now :+1:

@tsteur commented on December 12th 2016

It broke the SitesManager.addSite method and won't save anything for any type anymore apart from websites. I will try to find a workaround but am a little stuck. Will see what is possible here without changing too much.

@tsteur commented on December 12th 2016

Works now. SitesManager.addSite and updateSite can now be used with any type when calling the API and it still works.

Be good to "squash" this PR :)

This issue was closed on December 12th 2016
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