@ytodae opened this issue on December 3rd 2016


when i track my websites on my macbook browser, everything works fine, but on my iphone i get always this response:

@tsteur commented on December 3rd 2016

which Piwik version are you using?

@ytodae commented on December 3rd 2016

iOS = 2.3.0 Web = 3.0.0-b4

I changed nothing, it was working until yesterday.

@tsteur commented on December 3rd 2016

@mattab I reckon the format change broke it with the latest beta which is bit of a problem since Android 4, 5 & 6 + iOS 8 & 9 users cannot upgrade and it will obviously also affect older Android & iOS users that use Piwik Mobile 1 but that shouldn't be too many. Not sure what would be best to fix it

@tsteur commented on December 4th 2016

I can reproduce it @ytodae and getting the very same error.

It fails because of index.php?idSite=1&module=API&date=today&period=day&format=json&method=SitesManager.getSiteFromId&language=en

@ytodae commented on December 4th 2016

so, what i have to do, to be able to use the piwik ios app again?

@tsteur commented on December 4th 2016

It is a regression in Piwik itself and we might have to release a new Piwik update. Alternatively we need to update Piwik Mobile app but there won't be anything to do on your side.

@mattab commented on December 5th 2016

Thanks for the report! Will be fixed with: #10959

This issue was closed on December 5th 2016
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