@mattab opened this issue on December 23rd 2009

Here are a few simple modifications to make to the Feedback plugin: - emails shouldn't be html entitied - a sentence should explain to users that the email will be sent to the Piwik team - on the top of the form, we should explain that support questions should be sent in the forums rather than by email. - the message should contain the piwik version and piwik host it was sent from

@robocoder commented on February 24th 2010

Attachment: Initial view for Feedback popup Screenshot.png

@robocoder commented on February 24th 2010

Attachment: Form view after clicking on "Contact Us". Screenshot-1.png

@robocoder commented on December 31st 2009

Can we add a captcha? (Recaptcha might be an option; we would have to register an API key though.)

@mattab commented on January 8th 2010

I don't think we need captcha, considering the low volume we receive and very few spam

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on February 24th 2010

What plugin are you referring to... I am not able to see a "Feedback Plugin" listed on the staging site.

@mattab commented on February 24th 2010

this is the feedback form inside the Piwik UI (see top bar "Give us Feedback!" link)

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on February 24th 2010

It would also help if there was a field to select the type of feedback? (Eg: technical, joining the team, complaint, etc...) this way we could:

1) Redirect a type of enquiry to a specific team member (if we wanted to do this). 2) Have some basic stats on nature of hello@ enquiries. (To try and streamline process even further).

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on February 24th 2010

I have looked at the code of the feedback plugin and although it's fairly simple its probably a little beyond my PHP skills me at this stage - otherwise I would gladly take this on.

@robocoder commented on February 24th 2010

Here are mock-ups for the updated feedback form.

[[Image(Screenshot.png)]] [[Image(Screenshot-1.png)]]

As Robert suggested, I added a drop-down to the feedback form. Note: I intentionally left out "Complaint" and a catch-all.

Any other suggestions before I start i18n'ing and check in?

@mattab commented on February 27th 2010

it looks great thanks!

@robocoder commented on March 16th 2010

(In [1920]) fixes #1091 - update the Feedback plugin per ticket; also i18n-ize the remaining text strings, replace iframe with jquery-ui modal dialog, and add another example of using a nonce

@robocoder commented on March 16th 2010

(In [1921]) refs #1091 - missing stylesheet

@robocoder commented on March 17th 2010

(In [1928]) refs #1091 - Smarty function to convert to native end-of-line characters-- used by Feedback plugin to process message body for external email app

@mattab commented on March 18th 2010

(In [1937]) Refs #1091 small style adjustements and small translations updates - fixing other URLs in product that were not using the mist/redirectToUrl tool in order not to expose the referer in piwik.org/demo

This issue was closed on March 18th 2010
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