@gwaggott opened this Pull Request on November 14th 2016


I require an SSL connection to MySQL in AWS RDS, so I'm creating a new pull request from the changes first proposed in #8049.

Can you let me know what further work is required to make it suitable for merging.


@mattab commented on December 27th 2016 Owner

Hi Geoff,

Thanks for the Pull request! It looks really good so far. Ideally we would be running the test on Travis CI. Maybe you could investigate how we could enable ssl connections on Travis CI so the integration test could run?

@mattab commented on January 21st 2017 Owner

Hi @gwaggott
This PR would be very useful to have. Maybe you could find some time to create an automated test on CI/Travis using the MySQL SSL connection?

@mattab commented on April 26th 2017 Owner

Thank you for this proposed pull request.

Because it was last updated more than one month ago, it is our policy to close pull requests opened for a long time without updates. If you would like to continue work on the pull request, please simply ping us to have it re-opened (after you have pushed a new commit).

We hope you understand this and we look forward to seeing an update from you on this pull request or another one!


This Pull Request was closed on April 26th 2017
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