@minos314 opened this Issue on October 13th 2016

I've recognized the transition module can't handle URLs containing named characters.

For example, when I navigte to Actions > Pages, try to open the transitions on a URL like /testweb/page.php?param1=a&regparam=b i get following error:

There's no data for /testweb/page.php?param1=a®param=b

My guess is the &reg param gets interpreted as a naming character, resulting in ®. Therefore the transition module can't find any data.
The other row actions, like visitor log or row evolution are working on the same URLs.

Reproduced with multiple browsers (chrome, ie, ff)
Piwik 2.16.2
PHP 5.4.16

@sgiehl commented on September 10th 2017 Member

I'm not able to reproduce that with Piwik 3.1.0. Tracked a url with those params locally and the transitions report for this urls works just fine.
@minos314 please reopen if you can reproduce that with latest Piwik version.

This Issue was closed on September 10th 2017
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