@anonymous-piwik-user opened this issue on December 10th 2009

After Updating to 0.5, I've got some JSON Errors in some Flash Charts:

Open Flash Chart

JSON Parse Error [Syntax Error]
Error at character 0, line 1:


This problem is only with IE, not with Firefox. After showing the flash chart with firefox, it workds sometimes in IE to.

@robocoder commented on December 10th 2009

Can you test the latest version from svn? (rev 1660)

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on December 10th 2009

I updated to latest SVN Version. The problem isn't solved. With Firefox it works, but not with Internet Explorer 8.

@robocoder commented on December 10th 2009


Also reported by others: http://forum.piwik.org/index.php?showtopic=2401

@robocoder commented on December 10th 2009

I need some system information:

echo phpversion() . "\n";
@anonymous-piwik-user commented on December 10th 2009

array(33) {
  string(9) "xmlwriter"
  string(6) "libxml"
  string(3) "dom"
  string(9) "xmlreader"
  string(3) "xml"
  string(9) "tokenizer"
  string(4) "tidy"
  string(7) "session"
  string(4) "pcre"
  string(9) "SimpleXML"
  string(3) "SPL"
  string(3) "PDO"
  string(6) "SQLite"
  string(8) "standard"
  string(10) "Reflection"
  string(5) "posix"
  string(5) "pgsql"
  string(10) "pdo_sqlite"
  string(9) "pdo_pgsql"
  string(9) "pdo_mysql"
  string(6) "mysqli"
  string(5) "mysql"
  string(8) "mbstring"
  string(4) "json"
  string(5) "iconv"
  string(4) "hash"
  string(2) "gd"
  string(6) "filter"
  string(4) "date"
  string(4) "curl"
  string(5) "ctype"
  string(4) "zlib"
  string(8) "cgi-fcgi"
@robocoder commented on December 11th 2009

In [1663], fixes #1065 - IE race condition when refreshing web page and parts are loaded from cache

This issue was closed on December 11th 2009
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